Huddol: a new social network for caregivers

20 April 2017

Parkinson Québec is launching two online support groups moderated by a community manager and dedicated to caregivers on Huddol: the new bilingual social network.

Huddol allows you to discuss with other caregivers going through the same things as you, interact with professionals, find pertinent information on Parkinson’s, share experiences and reduce isolation and create various online support groups

“The Caregiver Network team invited us to collaborate in the further development and implementation of the interactive platform Huddol, a new tool for caregivers. Our participation will be specifically dedicated to supporting caregivers who accompany a person living with Parkinson’s disease. This new service is directly in line with Parkinson Québec’s mission to support, educate, inform and refer which aknowledge the importance of the caregiver’s contribution to the pursuit of an active and prolific life in various spheres of the daily life of the person living with Parkinson’s disease. Huddol brings together caregivers from across the Parkinson’s community around topics that meet their needs and empowers them! “ emphasizes Nicole Charpentier, Executive Director of Parkinson Québec.


To sign up simply click the link:


In the next couple of days, Huddol will provide an experience that will adapt to the needs of caregivers. Please do not hesitate to send us your comments and suggestions so we can better support you: communaute@parkinsonquebec.ca. Let’s meet on Huddol!

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