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9 May 2017

With the emergence of mobile devices (smart phone and tablets), numerous applications appeared. These applications allow us to facilitate day to day activities thanks to technology. Here is an exhaustive list of interesting applications for persons living with Parkinson’s disease. You can also find a list of key words to perform a search in your appstore or playstore .

Medication reminder:

Certain applications allow to create alarms to remind you to take your medication. For instance, Medisafe is an application that has this capacity. Moreover, the user must confirm that the medication was taken or its caregiver will receive an alarm that medication was forgotten.

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Physical exercise:

There is a wide variety of applications that allows to stay in shape, but it is also possible to find specialized exercise programs for people living with Parkinson’s. Let’s take for instance Parkinson Exercises FR that offers a variety of exercises and videos adapted to your daily activities. There is a free version, however not all videos are available for viewing. The complete version is available for $6.99.

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One of the most frequent symptom in Parkinson’s disease is freezing when walking. Certain specialists showed that by keeping a rhythm while walking could reduce the risks of freezing while walking. An application that acts as a metronome allows people to keep their pace while walking. The user can then focus on the sound to maintain the walking tempo.

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Reducing the stress:

The cardiac coherence is a breathing system ensuring an harmony between heart and brain. This type of breathing reduces the stress and anxiety. Per your preference, you can find different applications that allows to follow the heart rate. For instance, Cardio Zen where breathing is directed by the sound of a wave and Respirelax uses a bubble moving up and down to guide breathing.

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Medical journal :

Keeping track of your symptoms may be useful for your next doctor’s appointment. Various applications are available to allow you to keep an updated journal of your symptoms. The application Catchmypain allows you to prepare such a follow-up. Keeping track of your pains will allow you to better explain the progression of your symptoms to your next doctor’s appointment.

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The various applications above are only examples, there are many available applications. Do not hesitate to try and test them to find the one you prefer.

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