Launch of the Parkinson’s Journey

8 June 2017


The launch of the 2017 edition of the Parkinson’s Journey took place at the Sunrise of Fontainebleau elders residence in Blainville, on June 6th. Parkinson Québec and the Lower Laurentians Parkinson Québec regional office kicked off this fundraising event, the most important for Parkinson’s disease in Quebec.
It’ surrounded by the director of the Sunrise residence Christine Lachaine, the deputy mayor of the town of Blainville Patrick Marineau and the provincial spokesperson Luc Bourgeois and the regional spokesperson for the Lower Laurentians Louise Cardinal that Parkinson Québec Executive Director Nicole Charpentier and the Chair of the regional office of the…

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2017 edition of Instants Magiques


The 2017 edition of our Instants Magiques benefit event will take place on September 27th. This year, we will be welcoming you at the prestigious Windsor Hall on Peel Street in Montreal.

This edition will also mark the 200th anniversary of the identification of Parkinson’s disease by Dr. James Parkinson. We will take this opportunity to celebrate this anniversary, but also to make a leap in the past to meet him and give him the opportunity to challenge us: find a treatment for Parkinson’s disease in the 21st century.

In order to meet this challenge, we need your presence during this…

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The vicious circle of sedentarity, a health risk!


by NeuroMotrix

Sedentary activities

When your doctor asks you “Do you exercise?” you may feel somewhat guilty, you might tell yourself that you should do a little more, but you answer with conviction that you walk once in a while or that you do a few laps in the pool… But what if we changed the question and asked you instead “How much time did you spend seated last week?”. Take a few minutes to think about it; the answer will likely surprise you!

While the majority of people agree that physical activity is beneficial to their health, very few of us…

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Do you have suggestions for our health bulletins?


Once a month, we address one subject in relation with one of Parkinson’s disease symptoms. Sometimes, we discuss about topics linked with research advances in many areas related directly or indirectly with the disease. In the May edition, our health bulletin even reviewed the history behind all the discoveries made on the disease in the last 200 years. During the last 2 years, many subjects have been addressed. Here are some examples:

  • bladder disorders
  • parkinsonian symptoms
  • dysphagia
  • motor fluctuations
  • nutrition
  • deep brain stimulation
  • medication intake
  • cognition
  • what causes Parkinson’s disease: environmental factors
  • why is the research slow?
  • sexuality
  • microbiota

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Successful 2017 edition of the ‘’Living Hope’’ Provincial Congress

9 May 2017


The 2017 edition of the Living Hope provincial congress, which was held in Sherbrooke on May 3-5, was a success. Nearly 250 people attended the conferences, workshops and round tables offered during the 3 days of the event. Several members of the scientific community were able to inform people living with the disease and their caregivers about the latest advances in Parkinson’s.

The congress ended with the touching testimony of Anne Mc Isaac, a renowned photographer, who learns how to live day by day with Parkinson’s disease. Participants also attended a panel of people living with the disease and health…

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