Team Portrait Défi Vélo 2018 : Les pleins d’espoir

19 July 2018

Denis Bélanger and Pierre Croteau are regulars at the Défi Vélo Parkinson Québec. Respectively at their 4th and 7th participations, they will cycle  the 150km for the first time this year.

If their motivation does not weaken from year to year, it is that these two friends are directly affected by the disease. Pierre, a seasoned cyclist, was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2010. As for Denis, it is to support Pierre that he participates in the Défi Vélo and is actively involved in fundraising. Our two acolytes also trust the generosity of their entourage and do not hesitate…

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Parkinson’s Journey: Succeed at your fundraising campaign!

5 July 2018

All the funds raised when you walk for Parkinson’s make a difference. You contribute directly to finance support and help services for all those affected by the disease. The funds also support research to find a cure!

Take part to the Parkinson’s Journey if you have not already done so! Here are 5 tips to help you succeed in your fundraising:·

  • Start by setting a personal goal.
  • Find acolytes! Invite your loved ones to team up with you. Strength lies in numbers!
  • Promote the cause and begin your solicitation. Talk to people, use your social medias, send personalized emails or…

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Team Portrait Défi Vélo 2018 : Les Dopaminergiques

4 July 2018

Défi Vélo Parkinson Québec Edition 2018 is pleased to have three researchers actively involved in the Parkinson’s research community. Louis-Eric Trudeau, professor, researcher and team leader of the “Dopaminergics” enjoys science as much as riding a bike. In his team, we find Charles, a doctoral student in neuroscience, recognized by his peers for his sense of organization, and Samuel Burke Nanni, also a doctoral student in neuroscience, he has the merit of speaking four languages ​​including Italian, English, French and wooden language.

Whether it is with their heads or with their calves, our three researchers cherish the hope of better…

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Instants magiques 2018 – An evening that will awaken your senses!

The event will take place on Wednesday, September 26, 2018, at the prestigious Windsor Ballrooms. Hosted by Kim Rusk, the 5th edition of this charity gala will be an event of choice to network and celebrate in good company thanks to its gastronomic and festive experience. This magical evening aims to raise funds to support people affected by Parkinson’s in Quebec.

You can buy your ticket or a table through  the following link:

More info, contact Lynne Dupuis:

For any sponsorship, contact Brigitte Fleury:

Of course, donations are welcome!

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Do you know the PIED program?

PIED program means “integrated dynamic balance program”. It is offered in all regions of Quebec. It is a 12-week program (twice a week) and is offered free of charge to independent seniors living at home who are concerned about their balance or having experienced a fall. This program was developed based on recent knowledge of physical activity and fall prevention and has been scientifically shown to improve balance.

It aims to improve balance, leg strength and bone density at sites most prone to fractures. It improves the ability to get up off the ground, thanks to physical exercises that are…

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