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17 May 2018

Have you ever asked yourself questions on the progression of Parkinson’s disease or on the rights of those living with the disease? How can you adapt to this new reality and what resources are available to you? What is the latest research?

Parkinson Québec has a dedicated team at your service to answer all of your questions.

Claudie Noël

Claudie joined the Parkinson Québec family in 2016. She can be best described as dynamic, versatile and enthusiastic. Do our ‘Daily Living’ webinars sound familiar to you? Well, if so, know that Claudie is the mastermind behind the project! These conferences that involve health professionals are available to everyone and are broadcasted live on the web. She is also responsible for our virtual classes that are online training sessions for caregivers. She has a master’s degree in health research at INRS-Institut Armand-Frappier and a certificate in project management from HEC Montréal.

Rehnuma Kamal

Rehnuma has been a member of our team since 2017. She is the community manager of the Huddol platform – a social network dedicated to caregivers. She is also available to receive your calls on our Info Line at 1 800 720-1307. Empathic, patient and gentle, she will lend an ear and guide you according to your needs. Her professional interests focused in counselling and helping others and her volunteer involvement with charitable organizations make her a dynamic and committed professional. Rehnuma completed her master’s degree in sociology at UQÀM in 2016.

David Gonçalves

As for David, he joined the team in late 2015. Since joining Parkinson Québec, he has been contributing to the development of our informational documentation and providing training for people living with Parkinson’s. their caregivers and health professionals. He is also available to receive calls on our Info Line at 1 800 720-1307. His knowledge of the scientific process combined with his vulgarization skills makes it possible for the information to be accessible to all. He completed a doctorate in human health research at the INRS-Institut Armand-Frappier.

Romain Rigal

Finally, Romain is the last addition to our team (April 2018). He is responsible for the services team, but above all, his main objective is to assure that these services are in line with your needs.

He brings a strong scientific background which he is constantly developing so that you receive what you deserve: the very best that will allow you cope better with Parkinson’s disease. Romain has a doctorate in pharmacy and many other degrees that are used primarily to decorate his office!


Parkinson Québec is constantly seeking to better serve people living with the disease and their caregivers. We share information on Parkinson’s disease to help empower those facing the disease which affects more than 25,000 Quebecers.


The team is at your service! Join them at or 1 800 720-1307.


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