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Are you planning to participate in your first 10k at the Scotiabank Charity Challenge for Parkinson Quebec?

20 March 2018

It’s your first participation at the Scotiabank Charity Challenge for Parkinson Quebec? You wish to run the 10k with us on April 21st?

Parkinson Québec shares these 5 tips for a smooth experience!


1. Warm up

10 km might seem like a long distance. Don’t even think about skipping the warm-up.

Your body needs a minimum of preparation to be able to face such a challenge and prevent injuries. Take at least 30 minutes to warm up by yourself or with your team before heading to the starting line. 


2. Start with caution

Contain your excitement and pace yourself! Don’t start at your full speed. Your heart needs to adapt and you need to save energy to complete your 10k.

To start with caution, is to make sure that you don’t drain your energy and that you are able to keep going until the finish line.


3. Choose your menu

It’s not all about eating pasta, even if we really enjoy it! We recommend eating starchy foods the night before to be “fueled” for the next day. The meal consumed before the race is also important: it must be balanced and light!

In fact, digestion stops during the effort due to the redistribution of blood that is primarily routed to the legs. Hence the need to have properly digested before the start of the race.


4. Be prepared

Even if a 10k is relatively accessible, easier than a semi or a marathon, training beforehand is essential. Whatever the distance of a race, it is better to arrive prepared.


5. Do not watch the clock

You are running your first 10k? So don’t be too ambitious. Do not worry about the time, your first 10k must be about the experience and pleasure.


To register for the Scotiabank Challenge with us, click here!

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