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March: Nutrition Month

2 March 2018

photo credit: Dietitians of Canada

The 2018 edition of Nutrition Month helps people understand, alongside dietitians, how food can be a source of nourishment, discovery, prevention, healing and can bring us together.

Lifestyle factors, including what we eat, can affect our health. A balanced diet can help prevent certain health problems and reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases. Dietitians can help you adopt healthy eating habits that align with your personal needs and health goals.

Having Parkinson’s disease does not mean you need to follow a special diet. Rather, it is important to maintain healthy eating habits and a balanced diet.

This behavior allows:

  • to achieve a good nutritional status;
  • maintain or achieve a healthy weight;
  • maintain an optimal level of energy;
  • maintain adequate muscle strength;
  • reduce susceptibility to infections.

For these reasons, it goes without saying that a healthy and balanced diet is essential to the well-being of people living with Parkinson’s disease , whether they are in the early or advanced stages of the disease. This being said, it is sometimes necessary to adjust one’s diet when certain complications related to Parkinson’s disease arise, such as weight loss, constipation, poor absorption of medication, swallowing problems or osteoporosis. People living with these complications should consult their doctor. In addition, for those who wish to plan a customized plan, do not hesitate to consult qualified specialists such as nutritionists, speech therapists and occupational therapists. In this regard, please also refer to our Daily Living brochure available upon request.

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