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Movement of Support –virtual classes

4 March 2018

As part of its services, Parkinson Québec supports family caregivers through its “Movement of support” program.

With the help of our web platform, caregivers will be able to equip themselves, share their experiences and concerns with other caregivers. This will enable them to better intervene and react to the specific needs of Parkinson’s disease in the various spheres of daily life.

Discover the topics of the 8 virtual classes that will guide participants in their caregiving role.

  • March: Familiarizing yourself with Parkinson’s disease
  • April: Better understanding motor and non-motor symptoms
  • May: Fall prevention and management
  • June: Adapting your living environment
  • September: Inquiring about financial and legal resources
  • October: Maintaining relationships with family, friends and significant others
  • November: Adopting a healthy lifestyle
  • December: Understanding the role of health professionals and the importance of medication

To ensure greater flexibility, a minimum of 5 different time slots will be available. For the different schedules, please click here.

If you are responsible of a support group, contact us, we have a dedicated offer for you.

For more information, please contact the project manager, Claudie Noël by email at the following address: or by phone at 1-800-720-1306.

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