Team portrait Défi Vélo: Deloitte

17 August 2017

The Deloitte Foudation is committed to raise awareness for diseases. It was therefore natural for the company to form a team and take part in an event such as the Défi Vélo. They are proud to support those living with Parkinson’s disease. “We hope to further research and make a difference“, said Élizabeth Beaumier Durand, Marketing Coordinator at Deloitte.

Deloitte advocates community involvement and surpassing oneself. “Through our commitment to Parkinson Québec, we want to demonstrate that it is important for us to get involved in the community and make a difference. Similar to Parkinson Quebec, we strive for progress and excellence. Leaders in our respective fields, we expect positive results from leadership and innovation”.

What she would say to a company that is thinking about getting involved with Parkinson Québec?

Community Involvement is at the heart of our society, it is what makes our society grow and makes it better. Choosing Parkinson Québec is choosing a better future for those living with Parkinson’s; it is allowing them to widen their horizon and to live better”.

You can support Deloitte by contributing to their fundraising efforts for Parkinson Québec by clicking here!

To ride with us, click here!

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