Team portrait Défi Vélo: Tennis 13

15 August 2017

Tennis 13 made it a priority to support various health-related causes. The Défi Vélo is therefore perfectly in line with their mission to promote an active lifestyle.

The Défi Vélo is a great opportunity to get involved in the community and to support an organization that plays an important role for those living with Parkinson’s disease. Like Parkinson Québec, Tennis 13 is committed to teamwork!

What would Tennis 13 say to others business thinking about getting involved with Parkinson Québec?

It is important that every business help organizations like Parkinson Quebec. They play an important role for people with chronic illnesses. These types of organizations often require additional resources than those offered by our health system. Resources to guide them, listen to them, encourage them in the acceptance and management of their state of health. Businesses have a social responsibility in both the environment and health fields “.

To support the Tennis 13 team, click here.

To participate to the Défi Vélo, click here.

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