7 March 2017

Our overseas partner, France Parkinson, gives worldwide users access to its online teaching platform on Parkinson’s. This platform, called FORM@PARKINSON, contains a module on knowledge of the disease. This tool’s goal is to respond to a need of distance learning from patients, their loved ones but also health professionals. A module called « Comprendre la maladie de Parkinson » can be consulted where 5 classes are available with subjects like characteristics of the disease, symptoms, existing treatments, etc. You can access the platform (in French only) by clicking here.

Moreover, France Parkinson has developed another tool that we can all profit from. This time, it is a self-questionnaire on adverse effects of antiparkinsonian treatments. Indeed, antiparkinsonian treatments are likely to induce side effects. More specifically, this second tool’s goal is to heighten awareness patients and their caregivers about the behavior disorders that can be brought on by antiparkinsonian treatments. This self-questionnaire cannot in any way replace a medical consultation. It can only alert the patient and its loved ones. It can be used as a base to discuss with the treating physician who can adjust the treatment if necessary. In case of any doubt, it is important to discuss with your neurologist as soon as possible. You can access the self-questionnaire here (in French only).

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