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Working with us

Around 100 000 Quebecers are affected by Parkinson’s disease. 

We estimate the average age of the appearance of the first symptoms to be around 64 years old. The number of cases increases with age, so Parkinson’s disease is estimated to reach 1% of the population aged 65 and over and 2% of the population aged 70 and over. (Source: Guide Info Parkinson).

To efficiently assist those living with Parkinson’s disease and their caregivers, we are always looking for individuals and companies who share our values. Our ultimate goal is to improve the lives of all those affected by Parkinson’s disease.

Our values in action

Parkinson Québec’s values are: collaboration, empathy, creativity, and transparency. 

We work and innovate together to fulfill our mission and encourage people to share their opinion. We conduct our business in a manner that demonstrates respect for people with Parkinson’s disease. We conduct our activities rigorously and meticulously and we assume full responsibility for them.

Empathy and trust are at the heart of our core values. They direct and guide the actions of the Parkinson Québec team.

Our working methods are based on recognized principles of excellence. From our very beginnings, to this day, we favor innovative approaches in order to offer the best services possible to our clientele while also taking care of our partners, our employees and our volunteers.

Why work with Parkinson Québec?

In collaboration with the 12 regional offices and organizations, Parkinson Québec is the main organization responsible for empowering and informing the 100 000 Quebecers affected by the disease and their caregivers. 

Regardless of the stage of progression of the disease, Parkinson Québec is always there to support its community and defend their rights.

The actions we take and the events we organize on a daily basis allow us to fund research, educate, and raise awareness on Parkinson’s disease.

Your support for Parkinson Québec will serve as testament to your social engagement not only with the entire Parkinson Québec community but also with your partners, your customers and your employees. By supporting our actions, you enhance the image of your company.

How to work with Parkinson Québec

Do you wish to get involved as an individual or as a partner? Parkinson Québec has identified three areas of intervention in which you can act and innovate by working with us as an individual or as a corporation.
The service sector
The research sector
The business model in financial development

We are ready to collaboratively build and develop an environment that is favorable to the empowerment of people facing Parkinson’s disease.  

Join Parkinson Québec and help us fulfill our mission.

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Want to reach out to people in Quebec affected by Parkinson’s disease?
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