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To honour or commemorate the memory of a loved one after their passing.

In Memoriam Donation

An in memoriam donation commemorates the memory of a loved one and pays tribute to this remarkable person who passed away too soon. 

In addition to being a true expression of love and gratitude, in memoriam donations help us continue our commitment to research and offer essential services to people living with Parkinson’s disease disease daily.

By paying tribute to a loved one through an in memoriam donation, you are helping to transform the lives of people in Quebec affected by the disease and their loved ones.

Donate to preserve the memory of a loved one

You can donate in memory of a person following their passing or to mark the anniversary of their death. 

When you donate in memory of someone — parent, sibling, friend, colleague — we send a personalized commemorative card on your behalf. You will also receive a tax receipt.

You can also make an in memoriam donation by purchasing a donation card directly from the funeral home. If many of you want to honour this person, you can also organize a fundraiser.

In memoriam donation form

Would you like to make a donation to honour a loved one and make a difference in the lives of people living with Parkinson’s? Fill out the form below.

Other ways to donate to Parkinson Québec

There are different ways to donate to Parkinson Québec. You can make monthly donations, a donation in your will and even corporate donations. There are also other ways to give.

People who made in memoriam donations

Clare Lewis Lalonde

People who made in memoriam donations

« An “in memoriam” contribution to the Québec Parkinson’s Association, Parkinson Québec, is a lasting tribute to your loved one. Every donation helps provide continuing research and support services for all those living with Parkinson’s disease. »
Clare Lewis Lalonde

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