Instants Magiques

8th edition Benefit Evening to Parkinson Quebec
(in preparation for 2021)

What is Instants Magiques?

Instants Magiques is an annual fundraising evening that aims to raise funds to ensure proximity services for people living with Parkinson’s disease and their loved ones.

This event is also an excellent opportunity for people from the business community to meet and network during the fundraising activity.

Donations collected through Instants Magiques also help fund research to find a cure for this progressive and chronic disease which, even today, remains incurable. In addition, these donations help defend the rights of people with Parkinson’s disease and promote education of the general public towards the cause.

Much more than a simple fundraising evening, Instants Magiques is a true engine of hope.

Participate in Instants Magiques and help Parkinson’s Québec to achieve its mission throughout the province.

Amount raised in 2019: $350,081
Amount raised in 2020 (virtual event): $186,547

Why participate in Instants Magiques?

Instants Magiques represents the ideal opportunity to associate with the cause of Parkinson Quebec and to give back to society.

By participating in this event, as an individual or a corporate partner, you help to promote this benefit evening. You also allow Parkinson Quebec to expand its action network in order to empower every person living with the disease.

Your precious support is essential. Participate in Instants Magiques and, together, let’s change the course of history.

In the program of Instants Magiques

Programming in progress

In 2020, Instants Magiques was exceptionally replaced by Unisson. This virtual formula raised the sum of $186,547.

We are currently working very hard to prepare for the 2021 benefit evening. Participate in Instants Magiques and associate yourself with an inspiring and deeply human cause.


Did you know?

Parkinson Quebec and the regional organizations organize many other events to support people living with Parkinson’s disease and their loved ones.

There is the Défi Vélo Parkinson Québec, an annual cycling rally, the Parkinson’s Journeys, province-wide fundraising activities for support and assistance services for people living with Parkinson’s disease, and numerous fundraising events dedicated to funding research, among other things.


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