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In Quebec, 25,000 people live with Parkinson’s disease. Even today, this disease isn’t very known and many associate it only with the tremor. But Parkinson’s is much more than tremors. The “and so” campaign aims to raise awareness of the motor and non-motor symptoms that people affected by Parkinson’s must deal with daily. And they are many!

On Facebook, people living with Parkinson’s have answered to the question ‘’ Asides from the tremor, what is Parkinson’s for you? ‘’

We have collected their answers and they were eloquent! All it takes, is to imagine living with the symptoms of this disease, for which there is no cure discovered to this day, in order to measure a little more it’s impact.

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“The public’s lack of awareness of Parkinson’s disease is a major obstacle for people living with Parkinson’s disease. It is difficult for them to obtain services that meet their needs given the magnitude and complexity of the motor and non-motor symptoms of the disease and their impact in their lives.’’ Says Nicole Charpentier, Executive Director of Parkinson Quebec.

In addition to resting tremors, slow movement, muscle rigidity and postural instability, many non-motor symptoms may be experienced by people living with Parkinson’s. These have a significant impact on the quality and the maintenance of an active lifestyle.

Photo de Julie Simard.

There are mornings where I wonder, why me? And then, I think of my future. My slowness, my rigidity, my numbness, the tremors, the pain, the spasms and without leaving out my OFF periods. The bad days are a part of me now, which sometimes prevents me from functioning normally.

I understand that I must live with this “roommate” who has entered my life without my permission. I’m learning to live with him! But I can only do it by following a diet, exercising regularly and with the help of the 13 pills that I take every three hours.

I have mornings like today, where the pain and the exhaustion, of always fighting this roommate, takes over. I rarely complain, I always smile, but he’s always with me, he holds my hand. I would like to have a break sometimes, I’d give anything for someone to keep him for just an hour. But it’s part of me.

They say we have the hardships we can overcome, and many times I say to myself: I must be the strongest woman in the world.This morning the pain had invaded me, but Julie has taken over, she is there to kick my ass and keep me moving. Ah Julie, always so tenacious. I wish you all a great day and a fulfilling life, enjoy your present moments, live in the moment, they are so precious.

Love you and kisses xxx

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