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Parkinson Québec upholds six volunteer core values: compassion, individuality, unity, confidence, determination and regional diversity.

Volunteers provide valuable services and are vital to Parkinson Quebéc’s goals and to developing new resources.

To volunteer, simply email us at . Make sure to let us know what your interests are and include your contact information in the email. We will contact you to discuss our various volunteering opportunities.

Volunteers are very active within Parkinson Québec and belong to one of the four following families:

This family is made up of the regional and provincial board members. They provide leadership and vision, and pursue the organization’s mission. Members of this family are elected and must be available on a regular basis. To become an administrator, click here.

This family is made up of professionals in health care, social services and other professions who offer their expertise on specific projects. These volunteers provide key services, such as presenting seminars in support groups, translating documents and accounting.

Members of this family plan and organize corporate and special events, such as Parkinson’s Journey, Défi Vélo and Parkinson’s awareness month events.

Members of this family enjoy human interaction and carrying out specific tasks for the cause. Their roles and schedules vary, and may include:

  • Volunteering for special events and fundraising campaigns
    Performing tasks at events, such as the provincial congress, Parkinson’s Journey and Instants Magiques.
  • Administrative support
    Preparing mail-outs, filing, manning the reception desk, computer work, etc. Their participation depends on their availability.

Parkinson Québec created the volunteer recognition awards to applaud the outstanding contributions of volunteers from the Parkinson’s community. Every year, the regional Parkinson Societies are asked to nominate volunteers from their region, and a selection committee confers the awards based on certain criteria: duration of the activity, perseverance, impact, effectiveness, initiative and general appreciation.

The awards are handed out once a year during Parkinson’s awareness month, and recipients also receive a work by a Quebec artist.

  • Tulipe du bâtisseur : This award honours builders whose involvement has contributed significantly to the development of the organization. Recipients will demonstrate innovative thinking, determination, perseverance and an ability to motivate others.
  • Tulipe de l’engagement : This award recognizes exceptional service to the Parkinson’s community. Recipients will demonstrate altruism, dedication, courage, vast availability, varied expertise, knowledge sharing and unwavering commitment.
  • Tulipe du cœur : This award is intended for individuals who devote themselves fully to the cause and offer superior knowledge, support and service to people with Parkinson’s and their families.

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