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Managing Parkinson’s disease

There is yet to be a drug that stops the degeneration process of the neurons responsible for Parkinson’s disease, but not all therapies come in pill form. You can manage Parkinson’s disease in different ways. 

Disease progression varies from person to person, which can be explained by genetic and other factors. You can mimic the habits of people whose disease progresses the slowest by changing your eating habits, exercise frequency and intensity, sense of social purpose and self-perception

Parkinson Québec has gathered a list of support services to help you in your commitment to manage the progression of your disease.

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1 personne atteinte = 3 personnes non atteintes mais touchées par la maladie.
Total : 25 000 + 3 x 25 000 = 100 000 personnes dans la province du QC.

3 hommes pour deux femmes atteintes.

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Physical activity

Physical activity is a complementary therapeutic approach to medication that helps better manage several motor and non-motor symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.


A healthy and balanced diet can help relieve some symptoms and improve medication efficiency.


There are multiple medications to help you manage Parkinson’s disease symptoms. You can work with your neurologist to find the drugs and dosage that work for you.
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Complementary medicine

Some complementary therapies can help you better manage your symptoms. Talk to your neurologist to maximize their effect.


In some cases, surgery can help reduce Parkinson’s disease symptoms and improve quality of life. The most common surgery is deep brain stimulation. 

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