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5ème Journée de l’appui 2020

10 February 2020

“L’Appui” will hold the 5th “Journée de l’Appui” on Tuesday, March 31 at the Centre des congrès de Québec, which aims to bring together stakeholders, professionals and managers from community networks, the social economy, and the health and social services network.



Under the title “From the Head to the Heart: Innovations and Unsung Realities”, the day will be a privileged moment to see the progress made in reaching caregivers in all their realities, the progress of ICTs that can be at their service and to take into account the different movements in Quebec that have an impact on the life and support trajectories of caregivers.

To register, please visit the registration site at the following address

Les journées de l’Appui (Support Days)

The “Journées de l’Appui” are an opportunity for caregivers to reflect on topics affecting caregivers of seniors. Since 2013, the Support for Caregivers of Seniors has held four Support Days, successively addressing the following themes: promising practices, partnerships, recognition of caregivers and valuing their role.

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