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Become a decision-maker!

5 February 2020

Decide which research projects are relevant to you.

Today, billions of dollars are being invested around the world to better understand the mechanisms underlying Parkinson’s disease, and potentially find new avenues for drug development.
These research projects on causes, biomarkers and medical treatments must be conducted and provide answers as quickly as possible.
While waiting for these results, the disease imposes its burden on patients and their loved ones while there are health interventions that have not yet been deployed but have the potential to improve the situation of those affected.


This year Parkinson Québec will fund pilot projects that have the potential to have a direct and short-term impact on the situation of people affected by the disease.

In order to be funded, these projects will be reviewed by committees of scientific peers, but who better than you to know the relevance of these future projects.
You can become an active member of the Quebec Parkinson’s community by joining the committee of patients/family members who will evaluate the relevance of the submitted projects.


What is expected of you on this committee?

  • Take a two-hour online training course on research fundamentals…
  • Read about 20 project summaries of 2 pages each.
  • Give your opinion on the relevance of the projects during a telephone meeting.
  • Vote for the most relevant projects.
  • To register, fill out the following form and we will contact you shortly. No minimum level of education is required, nor prior experience.

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