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Better quality of life and symptoms of Parkinson’s disease?

5 February 2020

What are the factors associated with improved quality of life and reduced symptoms of Parkinson’s disease?


It is often said that Parkinson’s disease is incurable, progressive and degenerative. Many negative words that still hide a very diverse reality. The speed of progression of the disease varies enormously between people. This variability can be explained by internal factors (for example, their genetic capital), but also by external factors, such as their lifestyle habits, therapies, social choices, etc.


It’s all about factors

Some of these factors are known, such as physical exercise, healthy eating and social involvement. However, in order to improve their quality of life and reduce the impact of their symptoms, people living with Parkinson’s disease need to have more precise indications on the behaviours to adopt.

While waiting for the drugs that will cure the disease, a team of researchers in the United States has set out to clearly identify these factors. We warmly invite you to participate in their online survey, which should take an hour. Afterwards, if you wish to continue in their study, you will be able to fill out the survey again, which will evaluate the progression of your disease and your new habits.


Participate to this survey (only in english)

In the coming months, we will be taking stock of what we know about the subject. Follow our next newsletters.


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