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Departure of Nicole Charpentier from Parkinson Québec

Departure of Nicole Charpentier from Parkinson Québec – Daniel Lapointe takes over as interim director of the organization.

We would like to announce the departure of Nicole Charpentier, who, despite her attachment to Parkinson Québec after more than 10 years with the organization, has stepped down from her role as Executive Director.

The members of the Board of Directors wish to underline her excellent work. She took up the challenge of Parkinson Québec’s general management and did so with resounding success. Thanks to her extraordinary commitment, Nicole was able to accomplish immense work during her tenure, which has allowed Parkinson Québec to progress, to rise and to obtain unexpected notoriety and influence in order to reach all Quebecers affected by the disease.

Nicole thus leaves in her wake smooth-running files and a well mobilized team and we wish her all the success she deserves in her future adventures. Daniel Lapointe, a seasoned manager, will assume the role of Acting Executive Director until the Board of Directors has appointed a successor to Nicole.

The organization will therefore be in good hands, the time for the Board of Directors to reflect on the current organization of Parkinson Québec’s permanence, and on the strategies that will make it possible to attract and retain the talent it needs to continue to excel in its mission and thus, support Quebecers affected by Parkinson’s disease.