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Getting up to keep moving forward

Josée has decided to confide in us through this magnificent testimonial, full of wisdom and determination. To be read or reread, Josée tells you about her journey with the disease and gives you precious advice that helps her to move forward and take back control of her life.


The beginning of my relationship with Parkinson’s disease was a bit special. I was diagnosed at 59, but the diagnosis was delayed of 4 years.

At that moment in my life, I had severe spinal stenosis and had lost the ability of using my legs and my overall movements were limited. It was a very difficult time for me.
Back then, I was a teacher and realized that my right hand was no longer following when I was writing. It was shortly after my operation for my stenosis that my neurologist gave me my diagnosis: I had Parkinson’s disease

At first, the news was hard to digest, but after a month of sadness, I finally accepted this new reality. In all the difficult stages that I have been through in my life, I have always tried to keep the mentality that we have to continuously move forward, so that is what I decided to do.


It’s not easy to have been diagnosed but what comforts me is knowing that I am not the only one going through this.


After my surgery for my stenosis, I was able to restart walking, and began to resume my physical activities, including yoga and cycling. Living a healthy, active lifestyle has always been important to me and I spend a lot of my time outdoors. I take part in Parkinson Québec’s activities daily, and I adore them. They help me tremendously to better control my symptoms and thus, have a better daily life.
Since I resumed my exercises, I have been able to write with my right hand and the tremors are less present;


It is obvious, moving does help maintain our motor activities longer.


I have donated to Parkinson Québec in the past – the activities offered help me so much that I do not want them to stop. Last year, through the Parkinson Québec Défi Vélo fundraising activity, I raised $ 1 800 and plan to participate again this year.

One last piece of advice: dare to talk to those you love about the disease. Do not stand aside, give your opinions, even if it takes longer to do so. Accept the situation and keep moving forward. We are our own craftsman; it is up to us to participate and create opportunities for ourselves to take back the control of our lives.


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