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Testimony of Diane Bélanger

Discover the testimony of Diane Bélanger who, following her diagnosis, made changes to her lifestyle (diet, exercise) with very positive results.


My name is Diane Bélanger and I live in Trois-Rivières. I am now 59 years old, and was diagnosed in June 2016 at the age of 54. At first I didn’t believe it, yet I already knew about the disease because my father had Parkinson’s.

Immediately I turned to alternative medicine (naturopathy, chiropractic) because my neurologist gave me no hope that the disease would not progress.

In the fall of 2018, thanks to my daughter, I met a researcher at the University of Trois-Rivières. He was doing research on Parkinson’s. My daughter, a chiropractic student, had this researcher as a teacher.

We have rethought my diet. Also, we looked at the exercises (walking, stretching, etc.) and we looked at the psychological side since my first years of life.

My condition has improved. The tremors that made my hands bang on my lunch plate while eating my toast are gone. And yes, the sound of my bracelet against the glass of the table was suddenly no longer part of our meals. The family noticed it too. I still have, but very few! I still have the same medication since June 2016, when I was diagnosed.

I am convinced that my new lifestyle has made a big difference with the progression of the disease.

Long before I was diagnosed, I was making scrapbooking cards. My great fear was that I would no longer be able to continue this passion. Well no, I always tinker with beautiful cards and also, I started drawing this winter through courses given by the Parkinson Montréal-Laval group. I enjoy it enormously! I have plenty of time because I have been retired for a year. Life is good for me and every day I say thank you!