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An evening dedicated to research: 4th Annual Parkinson’s Awareness Symposium

1 March 2019

Now in its 4th edition, the Annual Parkinson’s Awareness Symposium will be held on March 27th at the Montreal Neurological Institute. This research symposium is the perfect opportunity to learn more about experimental research, clinical studies and the reality of someone living with Parkinson’s disease. Therefore, 3 speakers from different backgrounds will present and discuss with the participants. This year, as a novelty, graduate students will be invited to present the results of their research.


For more information and to register, visit the Facebook page of the event:

About McGill Students for Parkinson’s


The McGill Students for Parkinson Group was created in 2015. The goal of this group of students is to educate the general public about Parkinson’s disease, both on and off campus, by informing about the nature of the disease and the challenges associated with it. Through various fundraising activities, McGill Students for Parkinson’s donates to Parkinson Québec. Since 2017, students have also been present at the Movement Disorders Clinics of the Montreal Neurological Hospital and Montreal General Hospital to raise awareness among patients.

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