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An application to accompany you in your training?

19 March 2019

Yes! You are registered for the Scotiabank Charity Challenge and wondering how to prepare for your challenge? To help you get ready on D-Day, Parkinson Québec offers you 3 free running apps.


MiCoach: designed by Adidas, the MiCoach app is perfect if you start practicing. Easy to use thanks to its intuitive interface, this application develops for you a training plan adapted to your shape and your objectives. During your trainings, a vocal coaching also offers you tips to help you optimize your efforts and progress towards your goals.


STRAVA: Highly used by runners and cyclists, Strava is the ideal app for those who want to track their progress and performance from one workout to the next. If the app gives you personal stats about your pace, speed, and distance, it also gives you the opportunity to join virtual racing clubs and do team workouts.


Charity Miles: What if you were preparing to run for a good cause, and training for another good cause at the same time? Charity miles is an application that allows you to turn your miles into donations. Each training, you earn miles and for each mile (1.6 km) you run, the application gives $ 0.25 to one of the 40 charities of your choice. Here, we are running for the Michael J.Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research, a cause we care about at Parkinson Québec.

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