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François Guérin for the Défi Vélo Parkinson Québec !

27 May 2016

François Guérin received the diagnostic of Parkinson as an open-face punch. “Everything fell apart,” he remembers, still shaken. Almost eight years later, he is active as ever and has only one idea in mind: to fight to shake the disease!

The year 2013 is the arrival of a new neurologist in his life. “Everything changed from there. The neurologist told me to move. Often! It would help me to live better with my disease. He was right,” he whispers.

Active since always, François Guérin became even more since. In 2014, he crossed the Labrador by bike returning by the Maritime. In total, he has cycled over 2,500 km.

This summer, it’s across Canada, from Vancouver to Montreal, he will bike to support the cause: 5388 km in 55 days. Alone. With the aim to give $ 15,000 to Parkinson Québec. He will finish his race with cyclists of  Défi Vélo Parkinson on August 27.

“I just want to help people with the disease to always have dreams and realize them. My way, I contribute to help the research. Without being a doctor or neurologist … I pedal” he says jokingly.

Surrounded by his family, his wife, his children and his friends, François Guérin moves ahead. Everyday. “I have to move. I can not stop moving. I’m walking, cycling and winter cross-country skiing,” he lists.

To support François Guérin by contributing to the cause and to follow his cycling journey, click here!

Source: Valérie Maynard, Accès Laurentides, 24 mai 2016

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