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La fondation du sommeil

11 October 2018

– Do you (or your loved ones) suffer from sleep disturbances?
– You cannot identify the sleep disorders you are experiencing or the cause of your fatigue?
– You want information on a course of care to get a diagnosis of sleep disorder?
– Want to participate in research related to your sleep disorder?
– Do you need support, information and references?

Do not hesitate to contact La fondation du sommeil. Their mission is to be a credible source of information, referral and awareness about sleep, its impacts on quality of life and health, and its social and economic impacts.

In addition, they offer tests and tools on their website so you can assess the quality of your sleep.

Here are their contact details:

1600 De Lorimier Avenue, Suite 380A
Montreal (Quebec) H2K 3W5
514 522-3901
Toll free: 1-888-622-3901 (Canada and USA)

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