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New Presidency, New Challenges at Parkinson Québec

7 October 2020

On September 24th 2020, Stéphanie Proulx, partner at Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton, was elected by her peers as the new president of Parkinson Québec. Stéphanie Proulx has been a director on the board of directors at Parkinson Québec for a few years now. With 23 years of experience in certification and in-depth expertise in relations with indigenous communities, she is committed to working for the sustainability of Parkinson Québec’s achievements and to taking on new challenges.

She succeeds Paul F. Dupré, who was Parkinson Québec’s president in 2018, 2019 and 2020. M. Dupré contributed to Parkinson Québec’s development by getting involved in several issues, notably but not exclusively in the one regarding the Instants Magiques event and governmental representations.

At Parkinson Québec, we find it important to introduce everyone who participates in the organization’s mission, so here is a portrait of Stéphanie Proulx.

Who is Stéphanie Proulx?

I am a dynamic, balanced woman who likes to take on challenges. Beyond my in-depth expertise in certification as an associate of the Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton firm, and the rigour with which I manage my teams, I think I am an open-minded woman who is attracted to diversity.

Within my firm, I have an in-depth expertise directed at indigenous communities. This allows me to join the two aspects of my personality: the rigour that goes hand in hand with my job, and plurality through openness towards other communities.

A committed and hard-working woman, Stéphanie promises to do her best and to give her time and energy to help Parkinson Québec continue its mission.

Why Parkinson Québec?

Seven years ago, when I felt perfectly at ease in all areas of my life, I felt the need to commit myself to a cause. I wanted to make a difference by bringing my expertise to an organization whose values I shared.

It was after my meeting with André Lemelin, president of Parkinson Québec at the time, that I was won over by his energy, authenticity and engagement.

Committing to a cause is not just giving your opinion or working a few hours on an issue, it’s pouring your heart and soul into it, in order to support a cause that’s important to you and drive things forward.

When I commit to something, I don’t do it halfway. Parkinson Québec is the only organization I give my time to.

What is your impression of Parkinson Québec?

During the last few years, I’ve noticed a nice evolution of the teams. Everyone is much more rigorous, and the different services are offered by highly specialized professionals who allow us to constantly evolve at all levels.

Regarding strategy, nothing is left to chance. Everything is carefully and methodically analysed. We know where we’re going and the whole team has a strategic vision for the long term.

What motivated your choice to run for president at Parkinson Québec, and what vision do you have for the board of directors?

I’ve been a part of the board for many years now, so I’ve been able to see the positive evolution and the progress of the organization-– which in my view goes above and beyond and is very solution-oriented, regardless of the challenges and the turmoils it faces. I am now one of the people with the most experience, and becoming president of Parkinson Québec was the next logical step in my career.

I am the kind of person who sees in life a series of challenges that will move things forward.

The board has evolved a lot in these past years, and I see that positively. The diversity of the board members is a source of creativity, of exchanges, and this will open new doors for us. It will show us new ways of thinking. Parkinson Québec will be able to confirm its profile as an avant-garde organization for all its innovative services that have been put into place these past years, which have turned out to be a real success.

What challenges would you like to take on (what are your priorities)?

Parkinson Québec has many challenges to overcome and I am fully aware of that. The organization’s everyday activities help awaken, nurture and build up hope of a more peaceful life for people affected by Parkinson’s disease. These actions take place through education, support, research and advocacy.

At the board level, I see 4 major challenges.

  • Uniting the efforts of all those in Quebec who work on behalf of the cause;
  • Consolidating Parkinson Québec’s strategic plan and its special touch, which makes all the difference;
  • Rethinking the organization’s major events, which are a leading source of revenue for Parkinson Québec;
  • Rethinking the arrangement of the workspace for the next few years/months. The pandemic has shaken our work habits; it is thus necessary for us to rethink our way of working to make the best use of this change, and to allow it to be decisive and positive for our teams.

What would you be most proud of?

Presently, there are over 100,000 people in Quebec who are directly or indirectly affected by Parkinson’s disease. Each one of them lives a life strewn with questions and concerns. My greatest source of pride would be to connect the entire Parkinson community.

“People need Parkinson Québec, our help and our support, in order to live a more peaceful life…”

A word from Nicole Charpentier, Director of Parkinson Québec (in reaction to Stéphanie’s election):

“It is a privilege to work closely with Stéphanie Proulx, a person with honesty and integrity who, in the last seven years, has launched a momentum of progress into Parkinson Québec’s actions. Stéphanie works above all to better serve people living with Parkinson’s disease, and knows how to bring people together and rally them to the organization’s cause.”

Nicole Charpentier, Director of Parkinson Québec

Stéphanie Proulx

“I am proud to have gotten involved with Parkinson Québec and I will do my best so that the organization can continue its mission.

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