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Parkinson’s journey 2020: challenge taken up

15 September 2020

This year, the 9 Parkinson’s Journey raised the coquettish sum of $112,300. A great success thanks to the commitment of all participants and organizers.

This year, in spite of the difficulties related to distancing. the organizers and participants of the Parkinson’s Courses from all regions showed their involvement by committing themselves wholeheartedly to the cause. This magnificent event once again mobilized the community, encouraged physical activity and allowed everyone to surpass themselves.

A huge thank you to all those who participated in the Parkinson’s Journey across the regions.

Thank you for empowering yourself! 

If you wish to discover the Parkinson’s Courses and support them with a donation, it is still possible, and this, until October 02nd! Click here



What is the Parkinson’s Journey?

The Parkinson’s Parkinson’s Course is an event that takes place every year in several cities of Quebec during the weekends of September. Thousands of people living with the disease, their families and loved ones mobilize to take up the challenge of moving together.

The goal for this year 2020?

Move through an activity of your choice to raise funds across Quebec and collect as many donations as possible for support services and assistance to people affected by Parkinson’s disease.


More than just a walk

Parkinson’s journey is the largest annual fundraising event for Parkinson’s disease in Quebec. A unifying, family and jovial event where parents, friends and relatives unite their efforts by participating in different walks, races and alternative challenges presented in different regions. An opportunity to raise awareness of the disease in the community and to move forward together and develop the power of action of people affected by the disease.

Here are a few photos of our valiant organizers and participants who used their imaginations to raise funds for the cause:

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