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Running a 5K with Parkinson Québec

18 March 2019

Are you starting the 5K for Parkinson Québec at the Scotiabank Charity Challenge? Do you need advice to prepare for this great challenge?

Parkinson Québec unveils its 5 tips to approach this experience with complete peace of mind.


  1. Starting on the right foot

Starting the race without having the right equipment will certainly prevent you from taking full advantage of your race and increase the risk of injury. So even if it seems obvious, your running shoes must first and foremost be comfortable. To choose them well, take into account the type of path you will practice, your training frequency, but also your morphology. Your toes should not be cramped! If you have a wide foot, some manufacturers offer shoes adapted to the shape of your foot. Lastly, make sure that your shoes have both a padded insole, a grippy outsole, and let the heat escape.


  1. Start the machine

To warm up is to wake up your muscular and cardiovascular system while mentally preparing for the coming effort. Whether it is a training or a race, warm-up is mandatory! Favor a warm-up of twenty minutes maintaining a flexible pace. If necessary, alternate the race with walking periods. Finally, we make sure to add some movements knees, heels-buttocks or stretching arms and shoulders to complete his warm-up.


  1. Choose the right pace

If you are starting out or going back to the race, alternating between running and walking periods seems to be an effective method. Over the weeks, walking times will naturally be shorter in favor of race times. Each session must be performed with ease of breathing. Are you short of breath? One word of order: slow down the pace to find a pleasant racing feeling. To go further, do not hesitate to consult online shopping plans or to refer to a professional.


  1. Dose the effort

Do you miss sleep? Are you overwhelmed at work? Your muscles stiffen at the thought of training? It’s time to listen to the signals your body sends you. Make the necessary adjustments to your training weeks considering your daily challenges. You can replace your race outings with complementary activities: brisk walking, cycling, swimming.


  1. Make yourself happy

Remember that the goal is not to break a record at each exit. So, forget the time and let yourself be overwhelmed by this feeling of well-being that you will not be able to do without.


More info for the Challenge? Please contact us! 


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