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Webinar, the theme of the month of April

2 April 2019

“Taming Parkinson’s and living well with your illness. “


To inspire you during the questions period, here’s the video we suggest you watch:

La maladie de Parkinson : comprendre et s’adapter par Dre Emmanuelle Pourcher (

We invite you to prepare your questions, to ask them in person to our guest speaker Ms. Christine Beaudoin, a rehabilitation therapist who lives with Parkinson’s disease herself, or to send them to

The questions-and-answers meeting will take place on April 17th at 1 pm.

A message from the intervener for the Question Period: Ms. Christine Beaudoin

“Hello, my name is Christine, I am 51 years old, I work in a CLSC as a physical rehabilitation therapist in the physiotherapy department at home. Daily, I encounter people struggling with illnesses or that have undergone surgeries. I love my work! I’m also the mother of 3 beautiful young adults, and I have a spouse with whom I share a passion for sport!

During a bike trip in Gaspésie, I tell Daniel that it does not smell like the sea anymore! …I feel a gradual loss of my sense of smell … My left hand is shaking, but my mother has an essential tremor therefore … I try not to worry. Then, the tremor intensifies and becomes more precise … it’s a resting tremor! I know what it means!

I am now 58 years old and I live with Parkinson’s. Since the diagnosis, I try to develop strategies. This is what I want to talk about: taming Parkinson’s and living well with your illness! Easier said than done! What if we speak about it? ”


How can I participate to the meeting?

Steps to follow :

  1. Watch the following video:
  2. Sign up to the question period.
  3. Prepare your questions and write them in the meeting form, by phone or by email at
  4. If needed, schedule a meeting with the project manager if you’re experiencing difficulties with the system
  5. Present yourself at the question period thanks to the link that you will receive 24h prior
  6. Listen to the replay


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