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Parkinson’s Disease Symptoms

There are as many varieties of Parkinson’s diseases as there are people with it. The causes, intensity and progression of symptoms are unique to each person.

It is rare for a person with Parkinson’s disease to have all the symptoms of the disease. Some of the more common motor symptoms include slowness of movement, tremors and stiffness of the limbs. These are visible to other people.

There are also many invisible symptoms called non-motor symptoms that affect people living with Parkinson’s disease just as much. Some of these include depression, anxiety, loss of smell, constipation, dementia and fatigue.

Non-motor symptoms tend to appear long before motor symptoms. They are sometimes difficult to identify and people with these symptoms do not realize that these are related to Parkinson’s disease.


Rigidity (Stiffness)

Slow Movement

Loss of Balance and Falls



Speech Disorders and Communication Difficulties


Cognitive Impairment




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