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The diagnosis and each new stage of life with Parkinson’s disease is a new opening for fear, denial or frustration. These reactions are common and can be overcome. Participating in a Parkinson’s clinical trial provides inspiration and fulfilment that gives many people purpose as their disease progresses. 

Thanks to you, clinical research can make exceptional discoveries since you are a Parkinson’s disease expert. 

By joining a clinical trial, you will play an active role in your own care while also contributing to essential medical advances.

You will also have the opportunity to meet researchers who are fighting with you to find a cure for the disease or reduce its impact on the daily lives of millions of people in Quebec.

Many Parkinson’s clinical trials are underway in Quebec, so there is certainly at least one that is of interest to you. To participate in a clinical trial, talk about it with your neurologist who will then refer you to a movement disorder specialist. They will then be able to guide you towards clinical trials suitable to your health condition and needs. 

You can also join Quebec Parkinson Network’s research participant registry. Researchers will then contact you with available trials.


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