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Anne Mc Isaac

Hello to all,

Know that by supporting Parkinson Quebec, you are helping to break the isolation of people living with Parkinson’s disease.

I was alone at the neurologist’s when I was diagnosed. It was a brutal moment, deprived of all human warmth. The medical reality shocked me for the first time. When I left the hospital, a big curtain came down in front of me. I felt frozen, yet I was absolutely aware of my condition to the point of panic. Isolated from the world, which is constantly on social “speed”, I found myself unable to move.

I was afraid, angry and shocked. Why me? I told myself that I must be out of luck. I could have stayed bedridden, unable to motivate myself to do the simplest things; but I chose not to break down, to be one of those people who does not give up.

With the disease comes its share of questions: will my life end there? Will I be able to live a normal life? Will I continue to watch my children grow up? Financial concerns also surface. Everything seems uncertain. We do not always find answers to these questions, especially since we learn that every Parkinson’s case is unique, that every person lives with the disease differently. How can you not be completely lost?

I then found escape in my passions: photography and yoga. This helped me push forward, not to dwell on it and to empower myself.

My husband, children, all my family and friends are always by my side no matter what happens so life can go on as it should. We want to enjoy every moment together. What I hope most of all is that it will not make a difference for my loved ones, that my illness does not affect them as much as it affects me. Keeping the lines of communication open and protecting our bonds have become my priorities.

As time goes by, my desire to contribute to the Parkinson Québec community and support others with the disease grows. I would like to reach out to them so that they in turn feel as surrounded as I am. This is why I invite you all to generously support Parkinson Québec, so that no one has to face the disease alone.

By donating to Parkinson Québec, you can help me make this wish come true. Thank you for your kindness.

Anne Mc Isaac

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