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Nicolas Carbonneau


My father has Parkinson’s disease. I admire him, he is an inspiration to me. Today as I write to you, I wish to pay tribute to him. My father has always been able to find creative solutions to everything at all times. He always had a youthful outlook.

Then the illness came unexpectedly. A Parkinson’s diagnosis is quite sudden. For my father, it translated into challenge and questioning.

My father was a talented pharmacist. He gradually lost certain skills with the disease. The grief related to selling his business was very painful to accept. It was very difficult for him to give up what he loved.

Witnessing your resilience is sad, but it is also beautiful and the entire family supported him during these big changes. In fact, his grandchildren played a key role. I believe that watching a child grow up, laughing and dancing can only help to soothe our hearts.

My father is the backbone of our family, along with my mother of course. So it is very important to maintain relationships and get together to support him.

Not everyone has this supportive environment, which is why I have been involved with Parkinson Québec for about 10 years. In my opinion, Parkinson Québec is the place of comfort and support in Quebec for people with Parkinson’s disease and their loved ones.

I have especially been involved in the Défi Vélo since it began. This is an exciting and compassionate day where I give the best of myself with the other participants, for the cause. Every year, I participate to pay tribute to my father and to bring hope to life.

I applaud the compassionate side of the Défi Vélo event. It is exciting to see so much energy and good spirits gathered to collect donations and push the cause further! Bright faces and smiles that convey my impact and touch me.

I have a great desire to help the Parkinson’s community through events, of course, but also on a daily basis, in my role as a pharmacist.

I am particularly sensitive to people I encounter in my pharmacy who are newly diagnosed with the disease. I often refer them to Parkinson Québec to make sure they have the best possible support to cope with the disease.

I hope that a cure will one day be found. This means a great deal to me, my father, and everyone living with the disease. Each one of us, whether we are caring for a loved one or living with Parkinson’s disease, can make a difference.

Thank you and I look forward to seeing you on the trails!

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