Quebec Research Fund on Parkinson’s

Research is one of the pillars of Parkinson Québec’s mission. Through the Quebec Research Fund on Parkinson’s (QRFP), Parkinson Québec funds projects by Quebec and Canadian researchers by making regular contributions to Parkinson Society Canada’s National Research Program and the Fonds de recherche du Québec – Santé.

Research remains our best hope for eradicating Parkinson’s disease. As such, Parkinson Québec spearheads Parkinson’s research funding initiatives in Quebec and serves as the lead organization for people living with Parkinson’s in Quebec.

Parkinson Québec is committed to give $ 319,887 over three years (until 2019) to the Quebec Research Fund on Parkinson’s to help research. Since 2012, the money give to the QRFP has been used to fund new research projects by awarding grants.

To date, the QRFP has invested over $ 1,185,600 in research.

Study on overheating neurons, funded by QRFP (in French only)

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