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Conferences on Parkinson’s Disease

Get information directly from Quebec specialists and researchers to better live with the disease and foster your hope for a future without Parkinson’s disease. By attending these conferences on Parkinson’s disease, you will have greater control over the decisions and actions that affect your health.

In-person conferences

Attend in-person conferences and ask your questions directly to the presenters.

Online conferences

Join online conferences and listen to presentations by Parkinson’s experts. You can also submit questions to be answered during the presentation by registering for upcoming conferences.

Why do some patients with PD manage to control the progression of their disease?

Friday, April 30, 2021 at 1:30 PM (duration: 1h)

We noticed that the title of the online conference of Friday April 30, 2021 raised some questions.
In order to avoid any confusion, we have decided to change the title to “Why do some people live better than others with Parkinson’s?”.

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