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The Info Parkinson Guide

The reference tool for Parkinson's disease

Not sure where to start with your Parkinson’s learning? Download The Info Parkinson Guide.

Written by specialists Dr. Sylvain Chouinard, Line Beaudet, RN, PhD, and Dr. Pierre J. Blanchet, the Info Parkinson’s Guide is a reliable resource for understanding how you, yourself, can act on the disease.

In this guide, find out what you need to know about Parkinson’s disease and practical strategies based on research findings; and explore tips and information from a number of health experts who provide an update on the body of knowledge about Parkinson’s disease.

If you would like to have The Info Parkinson Guide delivered directly to your home, please complete this form. A fee will apply. However, if you would like to have The Info Parkinson Guide free of charge, you can drop by our office during business hours or download The Info Parkinson Guide.

This guide contains information on :​

      Treatments and research
                 on Parkinson’s disease

  • Definition of Parkinson’s disease and its symptoms
  • Available drug treatments
  • Alternative approaches
  • Specialized research

  How to live better every day
                 for the person affected

  • How not to lose control of the situation
  • Identifying symptoms related to depression
  • Strategies to improve sleep and rest
  • Medication management

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  Physical exercise and 

  • Complete exercise program available
  • Activity recommendations
  • Strategies for saving energy
  • Strategies for maintaining a healthy diet

   And more…!


  • Speech disorders
  • Swallowing disorders
  • Sexuality
  • Many practical tips for caregivers

Did you know that?

Approximately 90% of people living with Parkinson’s disease experience changes in their ability to communicate and suffer from speech disorders (voice, language and speech).

Learn about strategies to reduce speech problems on page 131 of the guide.

As the disease progresses, it is sometimes necessary to adjust the diet to make the medication more effective or reduce the side effects. 

Find out how to maintain a healthy diet on page 75 of the guide.

Many symptoms can be reduced or controlled with medication. To do this, it is essential to respect the schedule for taking the medication at all times.

Find out how to prevent medication-related complications on page 121 of this guide.

The key to success in facilitating sleep and rest lies primarily in changing the environment, lifestyle habits and individual attitudes. Satisfying, stimulating and supportive interpersonal relationships can also help. 

Learn about strategies to improve sleep problems on page 72 of the guide.

Every Victory Counts

by the Davis Phinney Foundation in partnership with Parkinson Canada

We are pleased to announce that through our partnership with Parkinson Canada, we are able to offer you a complimentary copy of the book.

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