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Virtual classes are online learning sessions for caregivers.

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The announcement of a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease can create a shock wave for the patient, but also for those around him. Just like the person living with the disease, the caregiver must live the steps to accept his new reality. In order to cope with these, it is essential to understand this still unknown disease. Better knowledge of the evolution of the disease allows the caregiver to understand the reality of the person affected, to accompany and be able to explain it to those around him and raise awareness about this new way of life.

Discover the virtual class : «Getting to know Parkinson’s»

Despite conventional wisdom, Parkinson’s disease is not just about tremors. The symptoms are, indeed, much more complex and do not affect only the motor functions. In addition to movement disorders, there are non-motor symptoms. Certainly, it is important for the patient to better understand his reality, but also for the caregiver to be able to help according to the evolution of the disease and to be able to react better when the symptoms will appear.

Discover the virtual class: «Better understanding of motor and non-motor symptoms»

The announcement of the diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease requires lifestyle adaptations. It is, however, to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Good nutrition, exercise and relaxation can have an impact on the mood and, as a result, help to avoid caregiver burnout. Indeed, it frees up frustrations and replenishes energy.

Discover the virtual class: «Maintain family, friendly and intimate relationships»

The presence of the disease can often give an impression of weakness and create isolation from the person living with the disease, but also from his or her caregiver. Maintaining a social life is beneficial for all and helps to better cope with the disease. The presence of the disease can also affect intimate relationships among couples limiting emotional exchanges.

Discover the virtual class: «Adopt healthy habits»

The risk of falling is a factor to consider with the progress of the disease. Indeed, it is possible to see an increase in falls over time. Many caregivers question what to do when the person living with the disease falls, how to help them get up without hurting themselves. That is why it is essential to prevent the risks of falls and to understand what to do if necessary. A similar situation may be experienced with the episodic blockage in which people living with the disease will congeal and take a certain amount of time to continue their activity. Since this is an unusual situation, it is important to know how to react to it and recognize what causes this type of behavior.

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Discover the virtual class: «Prevent and manage falls and episodic freezing»

As the disease progresses, lifestyle adaptations must be made to help maintain independence. There are a number of tips and arrangements that can greatly improve the quality of life of both the person living with the illness and the caregiver. In addition, home care helps caregivers to avoid burnout by enjoying a break.

⚠ This class is only available in French!

Discover the virtual class: «Adapting your living environment»

The costs and responsibilities associated with the diagnosis can quickly become important. It can, indeed, become difficult for the caregiver to arrive in his schedule leading in some cases problems with the schedule and employment. In addition, the work stoppage of the person affected and the price of the medication can create financial constraints. What are the remedies for a caregiver to lighten him with his responsibilities? What financial help is available, are available?

In this virtual classroom, the various financial and legal resources that can help caregivers play the roles without any hassle will be presented. Caregivers will learn how financial demands can be obtained and how to apply. In addition, they will learn their legal rights and remedies in order to be able to uphold their rights while being aware of their responsibilities.

⚠ This class is only available in French!

Discover the virtual class: «Find out about available financial and legal resources» 

When Parkinson’s disease appears in someone’s life, a wide variety of people are also emerging. These people can work in the hospital environment or not. It is important to know these professionals, to demystify their role and their contribution to the life of a person living with Parkinson’s disease. Taking medication also becomes a new reality. Different medications with different modes of action to help control symptoms are available in Quebec. To optimize their effectiveness, it is important that these drugs are taken at constant hours.

⚠ This class is only available in French!

Discover the virtual class «Understanding the roles of care teams and the importance of medication»

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