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Rewatch our online conference on : « Why do some people live better than others with Parkinson’s?» that took place on April 30th. […]
Get a dose of whole grains and veggies with this asparagus and tomato farro salad. Better eat with Parkinson Québec. […]
Join us at this free online research symposium to learn about Dr Philippe Huot’s research that is opening doors to new therapies to treat Parkinson’s disease. […]
We are pleased to announce the financial support of the TELUS Foundation of $20,000 for the Pair-aidants project. […]
Chili is a great healthy meal. This recipe contains nutrients which are known for their beneficial effects on the nervous system.  […]
Do you have project ideas? We can help you realise them to mobilise your community around the cause. […]
Parkinson Quebec is currently looking for a new Executive Director to help us accomplish our mission. […]
Why do some people experience slower onset of Parkinson’s disease symptoms? Join us in this conference with Dr Laurie K Mischley, Assistant Professor of Clinical Research at Bastyr University.  […]
We wish to announce the departure of Nicole Charpentier, who, despite her commitment to Parkinson Quebec after more than 10 years with the organization, has left her position as Executive Director.  […]
A beautiful testimony from Josée on how to move forward when diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. […]
Do you want to take control of your symptoms? Do you want to optimize your appointments with your neurologist in […]
Mission accomplished for many organizations and Parkinson Québec: the recognition of parkinson’s disease as an occupational illness. […]