Parkinson’s journey 2020: challenge taken up

15 September 2020

This year, the 9 Parkinson’s Journey raised the coquettish sum of $112,300. A great success thanks to the commitment of all participants and organizers.

This year, in spite of the difficulties related to distancing. the organizers and participants of the Parkinson’s Courses from all regions showed their involvement by committing themselves wholeheartedly to the cause. This magnificent event once again mobilized the community, encouraged physical activity and allowed everyone to surpass themselves.

A huge thank you to all those who participated in the Parkinson’s Journey across the regions.

Thank you for empowering yourself! 

If you wish to discover the Parkinson’s Courses and support…

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Webinar “Together” – Monday September 14th, 10am

8 September 2020

Our final webinar of the “Together” series is ready, all that’s missing is you!
In this webinar (free, online and live, only available in french), learn how to :

– Plan a strategy to get a better sleep
– Manage stress and stimulate your memory and concentration
– Control the effect of aging and changes in your abilities

Everything you need to relax and unwind!

If you want to register, please click on the blue link below (only available in french) :

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Game contest Défi Vélo Parkinson Québec

3 September 2020

On the occasion of this exceptional virtual edition of our Défi Vélo Parkinson Québec, we have decided to reward the best collections of donations from our heroes.

How to participate?

To participate in the contest, you must :

  • Be registered for the Défi Vélo Parkinson Québec;
  • Have an individual fundraising page;
  • Raise funds to contribute to the Défi Vélo Parkinson Québec.

If you have already created your fundraiser when you registered for the Défi Vélo, you are eligible for our contest. 😊.

  • Would you like to register for the Défi Vélo? Click here 
  • Already registered for the Défi…

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Do you know your medication?

1 September 2020

Antiparkinsonian Drugs

 The goal of antiparkinsonian drugs is to allow you to maintain your daily activities, to remain socially engaged and to exercise. Your journey with Parkinson’s disease is unique and your medical treatment needs to be adapted to your own personal needs.

The majority of drugs used to treat Parkinson’s disease temporarily raise dopamine levels in the brain. They act as substitutes for the dopamine deficit associated with the degeneration of dopaminergic neurons. Your condition is unique; thus, finding the best combination of drugs, their respective dosage and the schedule for administering them can take time.

These parameters are relatively…

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David Veilleux’s advice: nutrition

31 August 2020

As part of the Défi Vélo Parkinson Québec , David Veilleux, our great Quebec cyclist, gives us the honor of giving us his sound advice in several video clips (french only).

Despite my retirement from sport, I want to be involved in my community by supporting various causes that I consider important. I am a strong believer in the importance of physical activity and healthy lifestyles. In addition, despite my athletic successes, I have always continued to pursue my studies and I wish to motivate young people to persevere in their academic path.

A few words on…

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