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EMPATIC program

EMPATIC: a free innovative online information and support program at your fingertips

The EMPATIC program (Education Motivational Parkinson: Assistance from Technologies of Information and Communication) was designed in partnership with people living with Parkinson’s disease, care partners and stakeholders from the community and healthcare sectors. This initiative was made possible through financial support from the Government of Québec as part of the ”Québec ami des aînés” program.

EMPATIC offers the community living with Parkinson’s disease high-quality information, proven strategies and enriched life experiences through three types of complementary bilingual web interventions.

These three interventions are:

  1. TAVIETM in motion
    The intervention TAVIETM in motion is composed of 11 thematic sessions concerning a range of situations encountered with Parkinson’s. In each session, participants are given strategies explained by a nurse, tips from experienced couples as well as fact sheets and a resource guide available for download.
  1. Expert Advice
    Videos of peers and rehabilitation professionals on topics surrounding the healthcare needs of people living with Parkinson’s. Expert Advice videos include different exercises and advice to implement on a daily basis.
  2. Inspiring Testimonials
    Stimulating documentary films imbued with energy, humour and—above all—hope featuring people living with Parkinson’s disease and care partners. Their empowering messages appeal to solidarity and a better understanding of this disease.

Watch the web interventions in the EMPATIC program to better prepare yourself, learn about local resources, make informed decisions and take action.

Your quality of life is important to us. Enjoy the videos!

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