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ParkiTrack : your daily diary.

Receive it at home, for free!

Do you want to take control of your symptoms? Do you want to optimize your appointments with your neurologist in order to obtain maximum effectiveness from your medications? Start using ParkiTrack and make this diary your ally in improving your daily life. 

The majority of symptoms can be adequately controlled with optimized medication.

How can ParkiTrack help me?

Optimize the effect of your medications in just 5 steps:

Correctly recognize your symptoms and « OFF» states

Observe the link between the onset of your symptoms and the time of taking Levodopa

Identify the symptoms you experience during a typical day

Improve your discussions with your neurologist and evaluate together the options to optimize your treatment

Reduce the side effects of your medications and benefit from their maximum effectiveness

Discover it exclusively!

What does ParkiTrack include?

A majority of your symptoms can be better controlled with medication. You must first go through an identification step. Learn how to recognize and name your symptoms.

Within a single day, you can go through different states of symptom control: “ON” state, “OFF” state, and wearing off of the drug dose. People affected by the disease spend, on average, more than a quarter of their time awake in the “OFF” state.

ParkiTrack explains these states and why they occur at different times of the day.

There are some strategies you can adopt right away. Find out which ones to start optimizing the effect of your medications.

These pages will allow you to better describe your symptoms to your neurologist during your next visit.

These worksheets will help you better understand the interaction over time between your medication and the onset of your symptoms.


Just know it, symptoms can be adequately controlled with optimized medication.
For maximum effectiveness of your medications, adopt ParkiTrack.

Do you have questions about ParkiTrack?

Need more information? Contact us at 1 800 700-1307  or via the contact form below and we will answer all of your questions.

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Here is our special ParkiTrack FAQ. Find all the answers to your questions.

Need more information? Contact us at 1 800 700-1307 or fill out the contact form just above.

Yes, it’s free! You will not be charged for the order and delivery of ParkiTrack.

Two ordering options are available: By email or by mail (delivery in Quebec only).

Click on the button titled “Receive my ParkiTrack” and select one of the following two order options:

1. Digital copy

2. Printed copy by mail

Then complete the information form!

You will receive your ParkiTrack within 14 working days of us receiving your order (delivery in Quebec only).

While waiting impatiently for the delivery of your ParkiTrack, you will receive by email, on the day of your order, a digital copy.

Unfortunately, we do not deliver ParkiTrack outside of Quebec.

The good news is that you can still receive it by email by clicking on the “Receive my ParkiTrack” button and selecting the “Digital copy” order option.

With the order of your ParkiTrack, you will receive an instruction manual to guide you in the annotation of your diary.

You’ll see, it’s easy!

Hélène Dufour

These people recommend ParkiTrack

ParkiTrack has helped me to limit the symptoms of my disease and to better understand how they are connected to the medication. It is very well designed and allows me to better prepare for my appointment with my neurologist. What's more, it is very well thought out and easy to use.
Hélène Dufour
Individual living with Parkinson’s disease

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