Défi Vélo

Virtual Edition of the Défi Vélo Parkinson Québec

What is the Défi Vélo of Parkinson Québec?

Under the honorary presidency of Mr. Alain Champagne (President, The Jean Coutu Group), we invite you to join the cause by participating in the Défi Vélo of Parkinson Québec.

The Défi Vélo is an annual cycling event that aims to raise donations for the 100,000 people living with Parkinson’s disease, their loved ones and their caregivers.

The Défi Vélo Parkinson Québec brings together supporters of the cause and cycling enthusiasts. In addition to strengthening solidarity, the Défi Vélo provides a tremendous sense of pride.


Target 120.000$: real-time campaign

How to participate in the Défi Vélo of Parkinson Québec?

Would you like to take part in the Défi Vélo of Parkinson Québec? Here’s how in 2 easy steps :

  1. Fill out the registration form
    You will be automatically invited to complete your fundraising page. For your fundraising page, you have 3 choices (create a team, join a team or make a personal collection)

2. Lead by example and make a substantial donation on your donation collection page.

If you have any questions, please contact Lynne Dupuis

On the program of this new virtual edition, there are 4 formulas to choose from for each of your inner heroes:


Here are a few suggestions to participate in this “Défi Vélo”, 4 formulas to choose from for each hero in you (up to you) :

✳️ By setting yourself a goal and accumulating kilometres on outings throughout the season.
✳️ By organising a specific outing  and pedalling according to the chosen challenge (40 km, 60 km, 90 km or 150 km).
(We will share with you the routes mapped out for the 2020 edition).
✳️ By organizing a team outing respecting the number of authorized participants (10 cyclists or less).
✳️ By accumulating the kilometers on your exercice bike to reach the chosen challenge (40 km, 60 km, 90 km, 150 km).

Contribute to the cause by sharing your exploits.


No matter which formula is chosen, we invite you to share your exploits, via the Internet and social networks to share your mission and thus raise funds that will allow Parkinson Québec to accompany people living with the disease, so that they can continue to empower themselves.

Here is a small reminder of our different pages on social networks where you can share your commitment:
Don’t forget to mention the different # below so that we can follow your exploits and encourage you:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/parkinsonquebec
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/parkinsonquebec 

Help us reach our goal of $ 120.000$ by riding for Parkinson Québec!


The Défi Vélo is a fundraising activity that promotes physical activity, also recognized as a complementary approach to medication to improve the quality of life of people living with Parkinson’s.

The experience connects you to the 100,000 Quebecers touched by the disease – people living with the disease, loved ones and caregivers who need support to cope – to be empowered and face day to day challenges.

In addition to building team spirit, the activity provides a sense of pride. Participant are proud to have taken part!

Are you lacking inspiration for your journey?
Find below 4 different journey according to the number of kilometers you want to total.


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