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Team Portrait Défi Vélo 2019 : Jean Coutu

6 August 2019

It has been eight years since Parkinson Québec benefited from the infallible support of Nicolas Carbonneau, pharmacist owner under the Jean Coutu banner, a subsidiary of MÉTRO.

Co-founder and honorary co-chair from the early days of the Parkinson Defi Vélo, Nicolas salutes the human side of the event. His father with Parkinson’s disease and his experience as a pharmacist, witness the lack of treatment options available to patients.

Nicolas Carbonneau will take the start of the Defi, accompanied by the Jean Coutu Group team, which has generously agreed to be the main sponsor of the Défi Vélo Parkinson, in co-presidency with Marcel Raymond, President of ProDoc.

To support their team, visit their fundraising page by clicking here!

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