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COVID-19 – You are not alone!

Covid-19 and social distancing


Your lifestyle has been disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The government introduced social distancing measures to limit the spread of the disease. You must now, and for an indefinite period of time, maintain a certain physical distance between yourself and others.

But maintaining a distance does not mean you have to break off contact with others. On the contrary, with the current confinement, it is essential that you maintain contact with your relatives, friends or other people.

1. Use technology

Use the phone, computer to call, text, email or make video calls with family and friends. Let them know how you feel and what concerns you have. If possible, avoid talking to people who have a negative view of the current situation as this may increase your stress and anxiety.


2. Use social networks

Communicate with your loved ones through social networks. But beware of misinformation circulating there. Look for reliable sources of information such as public health for example and follow their instructions.


3. Take care of your loved ones

Give your loved ones the opportunity to talk about their concerns about the pandemic and assure them that they can count on you. By facing COVID-19 calmly and assertively, you can better support those around you as individuals respond, in part, to the behaviours and attitudes of their loved ones.

Give yourself a routine of one call a day to a loved one.

Pay attention to significant changes in the behaviour of those close to you and seek help from a health care professional if necessary.


4. Ask for help from online support

Crisis lines and online support groups are available in your community. There are also other resources such as religious institutions. Do not hesitate to use these services if you have concerns about the current situation or if you feel lonely.

  • If you have any concerns or would like to know when to consult:
    INFO COVID -19 : 1 877-644-4545


  • If you have any concerns, questions about your health, distress or difficulty :
    Info- Santé et Info- Social :  8-1-1
  • If you are feeling distress

Tel-Aide : 24/7 listening centre for people suffering from loneliness, stress, distress or who need to confide in someone.
514 935-1101

Écoute entraide :a community-based organization that supports people dealing with emotional suffering.
514 278-2130 ou 1 855  (365-4463)


Suicide Prevention Telephone Intervention Service
1 866  (277-3553)
Regroupement des services d’intervention de crise au Québec


It is true that the social distancing resulting from the coronavirus pandemic is changing your habits. But it is possible and even essential to stay in touch with your loved ones or other people in spite of it all. Being well surrounded at times like these will help you to better manage the situation. Don’t hesitate to ask for help from the many resources available if you need it. Remember one thing: you are not alone.

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