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Pesticides: Parkinson Québec invited to present his thesis to the Parliamentary Committee that evaluates the impact of pesticides on health and environment.

30 August 2019

Support our work with the government by filling the survey and join our list of persons and partners willing to get involved locally and make the government take action.

In september, Parkinson Québec will present the results of the thesis ” Parkinson and Pesticides. An established causality. Measures to protect all citizens ” to the Parliamentary Committee which evaluate the impact of pesticides on health and the environment.

By synthesizing all the epidemiological and toxicological literature, Parkinson Québec may conclude that the Québec government has now enough evidences to intervene immediately in the following areas:

– Compensation for agricultural professionals reached by the Parkinson’s disease

– Protection of citizens

– Support for the transformation of agriculture

– Raising awareness among the general public and health professionals.

The previous government had already recognized the possible association between Parkinson’s disease and pesticide exposure. Let us help the government to take the right steps and protect future generations from Parkinson’s and assist those who are already affected.

We remind you that your help is important and that any action on your part can make a difference:

To thank you for your participation in the survey, we will send you the executive summary of the brief containing the recommendations made by Parkinson Québec.

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