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The National Caregiver Week

24 October 2019

From November 3 to 9, 2019, L’Appui will highlight the National Caregiver Week under the theme of solidarity. A series of activities will be held throughout Quebec.

Because we will all be caregivers.

In Quebec, 25,000 people have Parkinson’s disease, which means that many family members are also affected. With the increase in diagnoses expected over the next 20 years, we know that even more people will be called upon to provide care and support as a caregiver. It is therefore necessary to dwell on it, to reflect on it and to prepare for it.

Caregivers are the backbone of the health care system, accounting for more than 80% of home support. This is a vital contribution for people who are ill or losing their autonomy and want to live at home. Committed and generous, family caregivers continue to support the person being cared for beyond the transition from home to a residential centre.

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