Pesticides: Parkinson Québec invited to present his thesis to the Parliamentary Committee that evaluates the impact of pesticides on health and environment.

30 August 2019

Support our work with the government by filling the survey and join our list of persons and partners willing to get involved locally and make the government take action.

In september, Parkinson Québec will present the results of the thesis ” Parkinson and Pesticides. An established causality. Measures to protect all citizens ” to the Parliamentary Committee which evaluate the impact of pesticides on health and the environment.

By synthesizing all the epidemiological and toxicological literature, Parkinson Québec may conclude that the Québec government has now enough evidences to intervene immediately in the following areas:

– Compensation for agricultural professionals reached by the Parkinson’s disease

– Protection of citizens

– Support for the transformation of agriculture

– Raising awareness among the general public and health professionals.

The previous government had already recognized the possible association between Parkinson’s disease and pesticide exposure. Let us help the government to take the right steps and protect future generations from Parkinson’s and assist those who are already affected.

We remind you that your help is important and that any action on your part can make a difference:

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Join the debate on the impact of pesticides on public health

12 July 2019

In September 2019, the government will hold a parliamentary commission to evaluate the impact of pesticides on public health and the environment.

This major societal challenge can only be addressed by politicians, scientists and lobbyists. All of us have a voice that doesn’t only speak every four years, during elections. Our citizen and community action can make a difference in recognizing the causality between pesticide exposure and the development of Parkinson’s disease.

Whether you are affected by the disease, a former farmer, a former pesticide industry worker, a housewife who wants to protect her children or anything else, sign up for our Citizens’ Action Group.

We will contact you during the summer to participate in local political action. You all have a potential impact on your social reality.

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Webinar June: Physical Activity with Ms. Paola Campana

6 June 2019

Would you like to practice more physical activity given the good weather that is coming or would you like tips on how to better manage walking symptoms? Listen to Ms. Paola Campana’s conference and send us your questions by email or phone.

The benefits of physical activity

When diagnosed with Parkinson’s, patients are advised to exercise in addition to taking medication. In this webinar, Ms. Campana explains why exercise is important in managing Parkinson’s. this webinar explains the causes of some movement disorder. She also presents you some tips for movement of gait problem and show you some results obtained with some of her patients. Theses techniques can be useful in everyday life and help you continue and help you enjoy the good weather coming.

To take advantage of these tips, click here for the video link:

What if I have questions about the conference?

If you have any questions, please send us an email at or contact us by phone at 1-800-720-1307. It will be our pleasure to answer your questions and give it the specialist. Feel also free to share your comments or sucess with these techniques.

About the speaker: Ms. Paola Campana

Ms. Campana is a physiotherapist and has been practicing for 30 years in the geriatric assessment and short-term unit of the Graduate Institute of Geriatrics of Montreal. Since 2000, she has been moving towards Parkinson’s disease for physiotherapists and therapists in rehabilitation in Quebec, as part of continuing education activities to be recognized by the Professional Order of Physiotherapy of Quebec. She is also a speaker with various organizations.

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Sinemet © expected drug shortage and discontinued sale of Sinemet CR ©

10 April 2019

Levodopa is the drug of choice for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease. Since 2017, the commercial forms of this molecule, Sinemet © and Sinemet CR ©, are on average, unavailable nearly 20% of the time.

To explain this repeated shortage, the Merck laboratory, which markets these drugs, mainly invokes problems of supply in the drug manufacturing chain and delays in delivery.

On April 4, 2019, the Merck Lab announced that the production of the drug Sinemet CR © was discontinued and that this product would no longer be available in Canada or the United States.

The regular formulation of Sinemet ©, which is the most used, is still on sale. However, its production is still affected by raw material supply problems. To solve this problem, Merck has identified a new supplier that needs to be approved by Health Canada. This approval can take up to a year, which could lead to further shortages.

The availability of Sinemet © depends on the dosage:

  • Sinemet © 100 / 25mg – Out of stock – Refill expected in July 2020.
  • Sinemet © 250 / 25mg – Stock depletion forecast December 2019 – Replenishment expected in July 2020.

What to do if you are taking levodopa – carbidopa sold in generic form (eg Apo – Levocarb)?

The majority of patients take a generic form of this medicine. This notice of shortage and cessation of sale does not affect you.


What to do if you take Sinemet © and it is no longer available?

Consult your neurologist or the doctor who prescribes this medicine. Your usual prescriber is the best person to recommend alternatives or adjustments to your treatment. If you do not have access to your neurologist, your pharmacist is a valuable resource who can also help you in substitution in case of shortage.

Do you have questions about how to live…

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Webinar, the theme of the month of April

2 April 2019

“Taming Parkinson’s and living well with your illness. “


To inspire you during the questions period, here’s the video we suggest you watch:

La maladie de Parkinson : comprendre et s’adapter par Dre Emmanuelle Pourcher (

We invite you to prepare your questions, to ask them in person to our guest speaker Ms. Christine Beaudoin, a rehabilitation therapist who lives with Parkinson’s disease herself, or to send them to

The questions-and-answers meeting will take place on April 17th at 1 pm.

A message from the intervener for the Question Period: Ms. Christine Beaudoin

“Hello, my name is Christine, I am 51 years old, I work in a CLSC as a physical rehabilitation therapist in the physiotherapy department at home. Daily, I encounter people struggling with illnesses or that have undergone surgeries. I love my work! I’m also the mother of 3 beautiful young adults, and I have a spouse with whom I share a passion for sport!

During a bike trip in Gaspésie, I tell Daniel that it does not smell like the sea anymore! …I feel a gradual loss of my sense of smell … My left hand is shaking, but my mother has an essential tremor therefore … I try not to worry. Then, the tremor intensifies and becomes more precise … it’s a resting tremor! I know what it means!

I am now 58 years old and I live with Parkinson’s. Since the diagnosis, I try to develop strategies. This is what I want to talk about: taming Parkinson’s and living well with your illness! Easier said than done! What if we speak about it? ”


How can I participate to the meeting?

Steps to follow :

  1. Watch the following video:
  2. Sign up to the question period.
  3. Prepare your questions and write them in the meeting form, by phone or by email at…

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